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Located in Beautiful wine country in Sonoma county, Segue Entertainment caters to various artists, record labels, management companies, music venues and other business sectors. Segue Entertainment specializes in Regional, National and new media management and consultation services within the entertainment industry. Their focus equally targets the elements of publicity, and tour support.

The mission of Segue Entertainment is to provide results-oriented publicity, and marketing. We meet our client’s objectives by providing strong marketing concepts. We measure success for our clients through awareness, increased sales; whether a sold-out venue or record release) or other criteria mutually agreed upon between Segue Entertainment and our clients.We are committed to maintaining a creative environment in which we can accomplish our mission. With our strength of ethical work practices, persistence and drive, We make a difference in the lives and successes of the artists/clients that we contract with.

Featured Artist

Ottmar Liebart

Ottmar Liebart

" I discovered an interesting connection between Flamenco and Reggae and recorded an album of songs that combine the Flamenco rhythm called “Tangos”, which I believe actually hails from the Caribbean and is Caribbean rather than Arabic in origin, with Reggae. Tangos has a lilt and the same avoidance of beat one that Reggae and Salsa have, and it sounds very different from all other Flamenco forms. Presumably all three of these rhythms, Tangos, Reggae and Salsa, have roots in Africa. My new album contains two of my older songs (“Barcelona Nights” and “Heart Still/Beating” - I have wanted to record reggae version of these songs since the mid-Nineties!) and nine songs by Bob Marley - using rhythmic elements from Reggae and Tangos. Growing up in the Seventies Bob Marley and the Wailers were one of my favorite bands and they meant a lot more to me than the Beatles or the Rolling Stones."

Music promotion on a whole new level

"  Katrina is great. As an independent artist recording blues-oriented music with African musicians, we found ourselves in uncharted territory. But thanks to Katrina and her associates who believed in the album, we have seen a great critical response in national and international publications such as Billboard, Downbeat, Wired, F-Roots, BluesRevue and many others. We have also appeared on BBC, Public Radio International and in both World and Blues programs. This response is certainly a result of Katrina’s efforts. "

- Markus James, Firenze Records